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  • Electric-Heating Frying Machine
    Electric-Heating Frying Machine
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    sexy babaes,lisaann DH509 Continuous Electric Fryer, refers to the frying machine for the sustainable production of electric heating & conveyor belt transmission.

  • Tabletop Electric-Heating Frying Machine
    Tabletop Electric-Heating Frying Machine
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    lisaann's DH509S is the smallest continuous frying machine with powerful heating system. Easy to operate: It has auto-controlled thermal system can adjust oil temperature and keep it steady. The conveyor speed is adjustable to control frying time. The upper conveyor belt can hold products in frying oil. Easy to clean and keep sanitary. The conveyor belt can be taken apart for cleaning, and there's drainpipe to discharge oil and water. The whole machine is made of stainless steel. DH509S is for variety of prepared food products including: Chicken nuggets, chicken wings, drumstick, seaweed, hash browns, , breaded products, spring rolls, vegetarian foods, batter coated products… Custom design is available to meet your unique production needs.,bbw hd sex

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