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  • Automatic Batter & Crumb Coating Machine
    Automatic Batter & Crumb Coating Machine
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    tube8 m,This vertical-type breading machine (400/600 width) is suitable for food manufacturers who needs process food in higher productivity. Applied to coat chicken/meat/fish filet, chicken wings/nuggets, Tonkatsu, pork chop, hash brown, croquette, hot dog, refreshments...etc. This machine can also be connected with a forming machine(DH806-2) to be a production line. e.g. vegetarian fillet / nuggets. Auto-process with efficiency, fast and high quality. It's easy to operate, dismantle, maintenance and clean.

  • Automatic Crumbs Spraying & Coating Machine
    Automatic Crumbs Spraying & Coating Machine

    ass big nude,Latest model. Newly Development. Extensive Application. Especially suitable for -- thick crumbs, e.g. bread crumbs, coconut flakes, rice crisps, cornflakes. -- Crumbs which get greasy easily when conveying. e.g. almonds, nuts, sesame. Applied to chocolate almond bars, Japanese Fried shrimps/pork cutlet, sesame cookies, Croquettes.

  • Automatic Chocolate Coating Machine
    Automatic Chocolate Coating Machine
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    lenapaul,Chocolate coating machine uses a chocolate waterfall to add a chocolate coating on products such as corn bar, donuts, nuts, cookies, biscuit, etc. Thermalstat system keeps the chocolate from solidification when auto-circulating.

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